Rahavard is a nonprofit journal 501(C)(3) ID#: 84-2568695 with no affiliations to any group, organization, or foundation and solely relies on its subscribers’ support.

The principal objective of Rahavard is to disseminate and advance Persian culture, art, and literature. The journal also aims to introduce and offer critiques of newly published works by Iranian authors or about Iran, conduct interviews with prominent individuals, publish memoirs of politicians and administrators, and commemorate deceased statesmen who played crucial roles in safeguarding our motherland.

Hassan Shahbaz coined the term “Rahavard” as an enduring memento to serve as a publication for Iranian free-thinkers and intellectuals. However, abstaining from religious and political fanaticism presents a formidable challenge. Rahavard endeavors to achieve this objective and, by seeking only the truth, maintains its independence and impartiality to bring unbiased reporting and research to its readers and Persian Studies scholars.

Access to reliable and credible sources is not only essential to the journal but also to our children, future generations, and historians. These attributes are not only an urgent need but are also fundamental and vital.

Rahavard endeavors to provide an undistorted historical account of our time to educate and enlighten its readers.

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